My personal Facebook shutdown

My personal Facebook shutdown

A month ago today, I quit Facebook.

Actually, I deleted every social media account I had: Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, LinkedIn–everything except for Twitter.

The reason? Once I started hosting my own website, I decided to limit my use of social media. I resolved to aggregate everything and share my posts and photos on my own website, rather than across multiple platforms. This way, I retain ownership of all my content and avoid the lax privacy policies altogether.

It’s been transformative. I spend less time online, I focus more on creating my own original content and I’m not obsessing over how many “likes” my last status update received.

Before I quit, some friends said they didn’t believe I would go through with it. Others asked me to reconsider, saying it was such an easy and convenient way to keep in touch; and they’re right. I exchanged emails with friends and distant relatives, but we admittedly haven’t messaged each other yet.

My first week away, a cousin called to tell me he “liked” a photo of me as a child that my sister had posted. I never even saw the photo. I wasn’t upset, but I thought it odd that we find it more convenient to post photos online than to share them directly with the friends and family in those pictures.

Anyway, Facebook was temporarily down yesterday morning and it made me realize that the site has been in the news a lot lately–much of it not so good. I didn’t exactly need these headlines to justify my decision to kick the habit, but it sure helps.

Here are some Facebook-related stories from the last month: